About Blue Flame Ventures Inc.

About Blue Flame Ventures Inc.

Blue Flame Ventures Inc. offers seminars and marketing consultation services to Canadian tourism businesses such as hotels, motels, city attractions and tourism centres.

The Canadian Gay and Lesbian tourism market is already a 7 billion dollar a year industry. For Canada to continue to increase its market share within the LGBT travel market, tourism businesses need to work together to develop and deliver marketing messages that will bring a greater awareness of Canada as a preferred destination.

There are a growing number of companies strategically targeting lesbian and gay consumers today. Gay market reports indicate that those who are so engaged will benefit:  78 percent of gay online users prefer to buy from companies that advertise directly to the gay marketplace. This market is becoming too important to Canadian business to ignore.

Our seminars introduce you to an opportunity to explore the value of the LGBT market as a way to grow your business.  Seminars cover a wide range of relevant, insightful data to highlight:

  • the benefits of appealing to the lucrative LGBT travel market in Canada
  • an awareness of the unique needs of this market
  • graphs and charts illustrating annual statistics of LGBT travellers for specific events, such as local pride and sport events
  • the impact of this demographic group on tourism in Canada and US.
  • the state of LGBT freedoms throughout the world
  • how Canada’s rights and freedoms will allow this market to grow and flourish into the future

Our consultant services will help you to reach out to the lucrative LGBT tourism market in a more strategic and unified way to attract more LGBT travellers into your region. We will help you:

  • Deliver product messages in gay-specific advertising
  • Customize effective ways to market, advertise and promote your business to the LGBT traveller in your region and beyond
  • Provide the tools to get maximum ad exposure in the LGBT community for the least amount of the money
  • Expose tourism businesses to the LGBT community thru sponsorship and charitable donations to community causes they support
  • Provide local and international awareness of your hotel property through the use of marketing, promotion, and advertising for the hotels, motels, city attractions and tourism centres.
  • To provide a more thorough understanding of the unique needs of the LGBT travellers to the hotels, motels, city attractions and tourism centres through sensitivity awareness when questions are asked of them.
  • To utilize the various avenues available to determine the best course of action on where to market for the hotel, motel, city attraction or tourism centre while respecting the properties budget and working within its confines.
Blue Flame Ventures Inc.
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