Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive from our seminar attendees. It is very likely that  these may be things that you are considering as you venture into the LGBT marketing sphere.


Will this make my business gay?

Not at all, there are many various methods in which to promote your business to the LGBT population. You can have as much exposure or as little as you want. The idea is to make your business all inclusive.


How can you be so sure this will work?

Even if the LGBT population is not looking for a gay friendly business, they will immediately recognize when a company is telling them that they are welcome. The LGBT population also tends to support those that support them.


What’s included in the seminar?

The seminar will include data on the LGBT friendliness of your region, and hotel. It will also include information on Same sex marriage, Return on Investment, Advertising, Amenities, and LGBT rights and freedoms around the world. You will also be provided with a pamphlet providing even more information on the market.


What’s included in the consulting?

Blue Flame Ventures would sit down with your business to determine what you are wanting to achieve in going after the market, and work within the confines of the budget set forth. Whether wanting to advertise locally, domestically or internationally. Are you interested in sponsoring an LGBT event or making a donation to an LGBT cause?

In making those determinations, we will be able to guide you and provide you all the necessary tools getting you the most amount of exposure for the least amount of dollars.


How long is the consulting phase?

Depending on availability, the meeting would take place one day, and by the next day you have all the applicable information.


I don’t have the budget for this, can I still do the consulting phase?

The information provided to you with the consulting can occur at any time. It is advisable that you do the consulting portion sooner rather than later, as many of the items discussed will be at no cost to the property, just an open mind is all that is required.


Will I get negative feedback?

It is plausible, though unlikely that you will receive any negative exposure, the heterosexual environment for the most part has no problems with this market.


As a straight business owner, how can I expand into the LGBT market without coming across as though I am pandering to the community soley to gain their business?

By this very question, it’s clear you have given this a lot of thought. Many businesses are eager to include the LGBT market as they are aware of its impact, they are just unsure as to how to approach it. Only you will be able to determine if you are doing this for the right reasons.


If you have a question that has not been addressed here, please submit it as a comment below and Blue Flame Ventures will get back to you personally and after reviewing your submission will also consider posting it here if it is helpful to others.

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