Insights into the LGBT Marketplace

Insights: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-identified (LGBT) Market


Canada as a Gay-Friendly Destination


The domestic LGBT market is an important one for Canadian business, especially in the hotel, tourism and hospitality industry. Canada’s cultural diversity creates an environment much more accepting of LGBT people than one finds in many other countries. Canada has always placed an emphasis on equality and inclusiveness for all people.

Internationally, there is a growing interest in Canada as a vacation destination for lesbian and gay tourists.  The gay and lesbian tourist market is a $600 billion consumer market worldwide with the United States contributing $63.3 billion annually.

There are several reasons for this favourable trend into Canada.

There is a high demand for lesbian and gay consumer markets for special events such as sports and gay weddings alongside usual gay and lesbian vacation tourists who travel annually. Trends indicate this market will become an increasingly important part of the Canadian economy in the coming months and years ahead.

Canadian Travel Gay Market Consumer Data


Travel Gay Canada’s findings of their second research study of LGBT travelers to Canada shows a market size of $7 billion annually.

  • Gay travelers travel more frequently, spend more per trip and are more likely to travel in the off-season than the mainstream market.
  • An estimated market of 1.8 million LGBT travelers spent on average $1,131 per trip last year.
  • LGBT travelers spend nearly twice as much per trip as their straight counterparts ($1,131 vs. $597).
  • LGBT travelers are almost twice as likely to go on vacation or leisure trips as the general public. LGBT travelers are more likely to travel frequently; on average those who traveled took 4.6 trips.
  • On average Canadian LGBT travelers spent $3,400 on travel in the previous twelve months (October 2009 to October 2010) and 40% intend to spend more in the next twelve months.
  • Gay and lesbian consumers purchase from companies/brands that advertise in gay media, deliver product messages in gay-specific advertising, support gay and lesbian community causes and are good to their own gay and lesbian employees.

US Travel Gay Market Consumer Data

Travel Gay consumer data from the United States shows statistically that the gay and lesbian market is the most affluent and loyal group of all consumers. Most have 2 incomes and no children which means that generally they have more disposable income for vacations and other discretionary spending. Here are some research findings for gay and lesbian markets:

  • An average household income over $85.4K
  • 3.4 times more likely to have household income over $250K
  • 9 percent of urban populations are gay and lesbian
  • Twice as likely to have graduated from college
  • 60 percent took a foreign trip in the last three years
  • 65 percent identify themselves as having to have the “latest”
  • 68 percent upgrade to a product’s latest model
  • 77 percent “believe in indulging in themselves”
  • 57 percent “prefer to buy top of the line”
  • 59 percent buy themselves whatever they want

The gay and lesbian travel market has remained relatively untapped by many of Canada’s destinations and tourism-related businesses. It represents a unique opportunity as trends indicate this market will become an increasingly important part of the Canadian economy in the coming months and years ahead.

Learn more about how these LGBT insights inform real business applications for businesses such as yours. Claim your stake in this loyal, affluent market by joining us at one of our scheduled seminars.

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