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Welcome to the Sensitivity & Diversity page.

Important to realize is this training is only meant to enhance knowledge in understanding peoples lifestyles, not to bring the sexual aspect into the dialogue. What people do in the privacy of their own home is their business.

Many countries went from no rights for LGBT to almost overnight, full and equal rights across the board. As wonderful as that is that the countries recognize we are all equal, there was one miscalculation that took place. There was a lack of education that took place.
People were just advised, this is now how it is; live with it.
This left Tourism, Business, Sport, Education to all fend for themselves and try to deal.
Think of this training as that step and education class you never had the opportunity to attend until now.

The LGBT lifestyle is here to stay, it always was here, and it’s certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.
In our training sessions we talk about some of the following items;

(From the most hurtful & insulting to the most outlandish and far fetched)

(What is really being said to our faces when we are in your shop, on vacation, or in your hotel)

(From Lingo, to facial expressions.. we discuss all)

(Bullying and harassment in the workplace does exist, how does the human resource department handle it)

(Business needs to celebrate the diversity of their staff and not be ashamed or afraid of it.. here we also discuss what goes through the LGBT mind when applying for jobs)

We all have prejudice’s, even if we don’t intend to. Through the Blue Flame Sensitivity & Diversity training, it is the intent to bring those to light, to our individual selves. Only then, once we are able to determine those are we truly able to change our own perceptions, while still respecting our own beliefs.

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