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Consulting Services

Blue Flame Ventures Inc. also provides consulting services on how to market and advertise in an appealing nature to the LGBT tourist. Gay travel destinations are often large cities, although not exclusively, and often coincide with the existence of gay neighborhoods.

These municipalities and their tourism bureaus often work actively to develop their reputations as places for gays to travel to, commonly by aligning themselves to local gay organizations.

We bring awareness to hotels, city attractions and tourism centres on becoming more LGBT friendly and accepting of the market and its impact on tourism. Travel analysts state that the existence of a core gay-friendly population is often the primary catalyst for the development of gay-friendly tourist destinations.

Canada’s cultural diversity creates an environment much more accepting of LGBT people than one finds in many other countries.  To this end, we explore factual data on the state of LGBT freedoms thru-out the world. We show how Canada is an ideal destination for LGBT tourists with all its rights and freedoms and demonstrate the viability of marketing to LGBT tourism within the Canadian hospitality industry.

The gay and lesbian travel market has remained relatively untapped by many of Canada’s destinations and tourism-related businesses and therefore represents a unique opportunity.

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